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5 Non-traditional Wedding Dress Colours We Love

Not wearing all-white on your big day has actually been trendy for years, from famous celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Kaley Cuoco rocking beautiful coloured wedding dresses on their special day. From softest pastel hues to gorgeous nude and off-white shades, let’s take a look at a few of the trendiest non-white wedding gown colours!


A staggering palette of warm nude hues created by mixing white and brown is a wonderful alternative to classic bridal whites and ivories. While white is a very demanding colour and doesn’t suit every complexion, nude flatters almost any skin tone and every bride-to-be can find her perfect shade. It can be mixed with creamy beige hues and a range of other colours such as pink, gold or brown. The material can be anything from a frothy, cascading tulle or lightweight chiffon to the most elaborate French lace-bedecked with gleaming embellishments. Even if you just want to add a pop of colour to your white gown, you can choose a dress with subtle underlays in nude.


Blush pink is a top-notch choice of colour for a bride who dreams of a romantic dress dyed in a very subtle, light shade as an alternative to a classic white gown. Matching a soft bouquet made of gorgeous peonies or roses, blush is undoubtedly feminine and seductive. From voluminous gowns to seductive slinky silhouettes and flirty A-line frocks, this colour is suitable for a variety of dress styles. You can opt for something classic and timeless or for a design that is utterly modern with asymmetric cuts or bold floral embellishments. Adornments and accessories that will complement your wedding dress can be in a myriad of shades such as yellow or rose gold, silver, nude or white.


Do you want to wear “something blue” on your wedding day? Why not pick a pretty wedding dress in pale blue! It is one of the most popular colours right next to beloved blush pinks and nude hues, and you can find a myriad of designs ranging from classic ball gowns to seductive fit-and-flare styles and elegant bohemian dresses. Blue is romantic because it symbolises everlasting love, loyalty, peacefulness and stability. It pairs well with all shades of white, off-white, ivory, silver and gold, but you can also combine it with other colours such as grey, pink or seagrass green. An addition to a traditional white gown, blue can be used only for adornments like crystals, beads, ruffles or appliques.

Mint Green

Mint green is another trendy wedding dress colour we love because it is light, soft and very flexible as it blends well with so many themes and colour palettes. Inspired by fresh greenery and overflowing, wild bridal bouquets, this sophisticated shade is ideal for spring when the nature is starting to blossom or summer when it is already in full bloom. Mint green reminds us of refreshing summer cocktails and sea breeze which is why we think it is also a superb choice for a laid-back beach wedding. It is a very popular colour for bridesmaid dresses, but if you choose a very light shade, then it is a smart alternative to crispy white.


And if you want a beautiful pastel colour that’s just a bit more serious than the girly ballerina pink, then mauve could be the shade you are looking for. It is typically used for bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements and decorations, but it also makes a gorgeous wedding dress colour. As it is a shade of purple, mauve represents creativity, mystery and strength which is why it is ideal for brides who want something utterly chic and unconventional. Even if you are not that rebellious, you can use this colour for accents such as floral embellishments or sashes.

Confidence is Key

If you don’t feel like wearing white on your special day, there are countless coloured wedding dress designs to choose from. It’s easy to get caught up about other people’s expectations and traditional norms when planning your wedding, but this will eventually do nothing but add more stress onto your plate and possibly even lead to anxiety, breakouts or even hair loss. Coloured wedding gowns can be just as stunning, captivating and gorgeous as the traditional white wedding dress, so feel free to explore your options and see what colours you’d love to wear on your wedding day!